You Are Not Alone

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Do you suspect you’re Covid +ve? Do you fear if your family member is infected by this virus?
Fear not! Do you know 75% of Covid patients walk out of Covid with minimal medicines and exercises without being hospitalised?
Friend, Don’t you worry!
Our Doctors from around the world are here to provide free counseling and guidance to help you manage through this COVID crisis. Please read though and follow the instructions and click on required links to get help.

Remember, You Are Not Alone!

How Yana India works?

Welcome to

If you think that you/your family member are affected by Covid 19 virus, proceed

Go through the portal thoroughly. The resources mentioned would help you self-evaluate (FAQ).
If you still need professional guidance, proceed.

Register by clicking the Patients’ Appointment form

Fill in the mandatory columns. - Take a picture and upload the test results if you’ve already done an RT-PCR or CT. -the file size should not exceed 50kb

You’ll receive a confirmation message for your tele consult with the date and time if the documents are in place

Be available at your allotted time. -A volunteer will guide you through the process before you have the tele consult with the Doctor

Do follow the Doctor’s advice

Make an Appointment

In case you need further help or guidance, a doctor from our panel will offer one to one Tele Guidance support.
Please click the link below to

Make an Appointment


In case of breathing difficulties please do this exercise

Our Panel of Doctors

Frequently Asked Questions

a) The patient/caregiver who is affected by COVID-19 virus

b) the patient who has been having symptoms of COVID-19

Not necessary. But if you have done the test, do attach the image of the same while fixing the appointment

Your medical condition viz., details about the treatment that you’re undergoing for any other ailment

Not necessarily. Just take a picture in your mobile and upload it.

No. You’ll have to wait for the confirmation message

You’ll receive a WhatsApp/mail confirmation or both. A meeting I’d will be shared along with the confirmation message. You can enter the Online consult room only with that link.

No. The appointments are fixed on a first come, first served basis and based on the availability of the Doctors that day

Yes you can. You have to specify it during your appointment request

You may only require a zoom app installed in your phone to enter the online Consult room

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