Terms and condition

  • Patient – any person seeking medical consultation using the telemedicine/teleconsultation mode by registering in the portal.
  • Doctor – means Registered Medical Practitioner
  • The patient hereby acknowledges and confirms that he/she has voluntarily opted for telemedicine/tele-guidance on this portal and no one has approached the patient or induced them in any manner whatsoever to avail telemedicine/tele-guidance on this website or the links that may be provided herein.
  • The patient/caregiver understands that this is only a tele guidance by the Doctors to help you manage Covid
  • The patient shall voluntarily give all necessary information/records/medical reports/past medical history/details of past treatments/diagnoses, family medical history and all other data or information that the DOCTOR may require in the process of telemedicine consultation.
  • The Doctors would only guide on what is to be done and will not prescribe any medicines
  • The patient confirms that all information/records/medical reports/past medical history/details of past treatments/diagnoses, family medical history and all other data or information being provided to the DOCTOR are all true and correct and that the patient has not withheld any material information that may hamper the investigation or diagnosis process of the DOCTOR.
  • In the event of a care giver or health worker or any other person registering on the portal for seeking telemedicine/consultation, it shall be deemed that such person is doing so with the consent of the patient and the DOCTOR may verify with the patient, where possible if consent of the patient has been obtained.
  • The patient shall also reasonably give consent to the DOCTOR if the reports/condition of the patient have to be discussed with any other medical professional for the purpose of obtaining opinions/expert views or opinions.
  • Other Doctors’ prescriptions will not be discussed during the consult. The patient/care giver shall not stop any of the medications that they’re already taking
  • The patient has understood and acknowledges that the consultation services provided herein are those that are specifically related to COVID and connected complications and such consultation is given totally free of cost.
  • The entire video consultation would be recorded and a volunteer would be present during the consult
  • The Doctors have the right to end a tele call, on account of time constraints
  • The patients’ appointment request will be processed on the basis of First come First served basis
  • Appointment timings is between 7 and 10 pm everyday (including Sunday)
  • The patient/caregiver is deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions here in upon pressing “ACCEPT”.

Red flag Symptoms

If you have any of the below symptoms, please go to a hospital, Do not wait for our appointment
  • 1. Oxygen saturation < 94% in room air or after 6 minute walk test
  • 2. Prolonged fever of more than 3 days/ fever with rigors
  • 3. Breathlessness
  • 4. Altered senses – like loss of smell, taste etc.
  • 5. Giddiness/ feeling faint
  • 6. CRP > 100
  • 7. D-dimer >1000
  • 8. Co-morbidities – age >60 years; chronic kidney disease; diabetes; hypertension; heart disease; chronic neurological illness; cancer patients; etc..

"I have read and agree to the following" Terms and conditions